Reflective Crete has designed and constructed many projects across greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, with a contemporary and innovative style that sets us apart from other Cincinnati flooring designers and Concrete Polishing contractors. Most importantly, we are honest and willing to go the extra mile for you every time, working hard to achieve your satisfaction with the best Concrete Polishing services the industry has to offer.

Reflective Crete has been involved with many Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Kentucky, West Virginia and Indiana area architects and designers to consult on new ideas. Reflective Crete is Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia's Polished Concrete leader in innovative techniques and bringing new products to the areas.

We offer concrete surface preparation services in Cincinnati for other flooring choices by removing glue and mastic. We remove epoxies and paints with our grinders with ease and can grind old toppings to create a lasting bond.

Reflective Crete also renews Terrazzo. Terrazzo is either Cement or Epoxy based that can be easily restored with our equipment. This is a fading art that Reflective Crete hopes to keep alive.